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Qatar Leg Champion
Opening leg champion, Ghanim Aboujassoum
Qatari youth wins opening leg

28th February, Doha: The return of the ABF Tour back to Qatar since 2006 witnessed national youth and debutant, Ghanim Aboujassoum winning the opening leg of the ABF Tour Qatar 2015 after defeating Khaled Al Dubyyan of Kuwait, 193-161 in the final match.

The champion sailed past Mohammed Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, 217-160 in the first semi-final match to advance to the finals while Khaled posted the highest game of 277 to beat Naif Oqab of UAE in the other semi to face Ghanim.

ABF Tour - Qatar 2015
 Qatari youth wins opening leg
ABF Tour News
 New rules for ABF Tour 2015 and TOC
ABF Tour - Saudi 2014
 Maiden victory for Saudi
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2014
 Memorable victory for duo
ABF Tour - UAE 2014
 Bahraini wins second tour title
ABF Tour - Macau 2014
 Double joy for Indonesia
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2014
 Hong Kong, Indonesia ends tour drought
ABF Tour - Egypt 2014
 Second tour title for Saudi
ABF Tour - Thailand 2014
 Maiden victories for debutants
ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2013
 Big win for Thai, Indonesian
 Emirati wins Round 1
 Indonesian women shines in Round 1
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2014
 Emirati clinches maiden tour title
ABF Tour - Bahrain 2014
 First double for Emirati
ABF Tour - Saudi 2013
 Kuwaiti wins first tour title
ABF Tour - UAE 2013
 Maiden tour title for prince
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2013
 Indonesian, Korean captures title
ABF Tour - Macau 2013
 First men tour title for Macau
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2013
 Maiden tour title for duo
ABF Tour - Egypt 2013
 Rare double for Egypt
ABF Tour - Thailand 2013
 Aussie, Malaysian wins in Thailand
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2013
 Second tour title for Qatari
ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2012
 Victory for Thai and Hong Kong
 Hong Kong kegler eying third title
 Indonesian women rule Round 1
ABF Tour - Bahrain 2013
 Emirati wins opening leg
ABF Tour - Saudi 2012
 Emirati wins final leg
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2012
 Second for Thai, first for Indonesian
ABF Tour - Macau 2012
 Lucky victories in Macau
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2012
 First tour title for champions
ABF Tour - Egypt 2012
 Double for top seed
ABF Tour - Thailand 2012
 Double for champions
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2012
 Emirati claims maiden victory
ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2011
 Champions celebrate memorable victory
 Hong Kong men shine in Round 1
 Indonesians cruise into Round 2
ABF Tour - Bahrain 2012
 Aussie claims tour opener
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2011
 First home title for Indonesian
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2011
 Indonesian, Thai claims maiden tour title
ABF Tour - Macau 2011
 Second home title for Macau
ABF Tour - Thailand 2011
 Thailand celebrates second double
ABF Tour - Saudi 2011
 First tour title for Saudi
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2011
 Aussie claims second leg title
ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2010
 Narrow victories for champions
 Tour winners top opening round
ABF Tour - UAE 2011
 Asian champ wins season opener
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2010
 Victories for tour debutants
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2010
 Narrow victories for Aussie, Hong Kong lass
ABF Tour - Macau 2010
 Macau youth denies Hong Kong a double
ABF Tour - Bahrain 2010
 Emirati celebrates fourth title
ABF Tour - Egypt 2010
 Maiden tour title for Qatari
ABF Tour - Thailand 2010
 Thailand celebrates historical double
ABF Tour - Saudi 2010
 First tour title since 2004
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2010
 Emirati wins back-to-back titles
ABF Tour - Tournament of Champions 2009
 Indonesia celebrates fabulous double
 Thais steal limelight on Day 2
 Korean stamps her mark
 Thai nationals take centre stage
 Season-campaigner takes lead
ABF Tour - Indonesia 2009
 Korean retains title, Filipino takes first
ABF Tour - Hong Kong 2009
 Experience prevails for champions
ABF Tour - Macau 2009
 Sweet return to victory
ABF Tour - Saudi 2009
 Thai clinches another title
ABF Tour - Thailand 2009
 Second victory for UAE, first for Thai
ABF Tour - Bahrain 2009
 Hong Kong bowler takes maiden victory
ABF Tour - Kuwait 2009
 Topseed wins opening leg
H.H. Emir Cup 2015 Champ
H.H. Emir Cup champion, Tannya Roumimper
2014 ABF Tour Saudi Champ
Saudi leg champ, Abdullah Al Dolijan
8th Saudi Open Champ
Saudi Open champion, Marshall Kent
2014 ABF Tour Indonesia Champs
Indonesia champions, Chan and Limansantoso
12th Indonesia Open Champs
Indonesia Open champions, Jeong Tae Hwa and Bernice Lim
2014 ABF Tour UAE Champ
UAE leg champion, Yousif Falah
5th Dubai Open Champ
Dubai Open champion, Hareb Al Mansoori
2014 ABF Tour Macau Champs
Macau leg champs, Ramadona and Limansantoso
2014 Macau Open Champs
Macau-China Open champs, Limansantoso and Tomoyuki
2014 ABF Tour Hong Kong Champs
Hong Kong leg champs, Eric Tseng and Putty Armein
40th Hong Kong Open Champs
Hong Kong Open champs, Chin and Hussain
2014 ABF Tour Egypt Champ
Egypt leg champion, Mohammed Al Saud
2014 Sinai Open Champs
Sinai Open champs, Janahi and Mennat Soltan
2014 ABF Tour Thailand Champs
Thailand leg champs, Shaik and Kritsanakorn
2014 Thailand Open Champs
40th Thailand Open champs, Bolleby and Angkana
2014 ABF Tour TOC Champs
TOC champions, Limansantoso and Surasak
Men ROund 1 Top 3
Top 3, Lalisang, Hussain and Surasak
2014 Kuwait Leg Champ
Maiden tour title winner, Mahmood Al Attar
2014 Kuwait Open Champs
11th Kuwait Open champs, Larsen and O'Keefe
2014 Bahrain Leg Champ
Bahrain leg champion, Shaker Al Hassan
2014 Kingdom of Bahrain Open Champ
12th Kingdom of Bahrain Open champ, Shaker Al Hassan
2013 Saudi Leg Champ
Saudi leg champion, Jassim Darwish
 ABF Tour - Bahrain '15
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